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Riviera Discography Tape


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If you haven't heard Riviera yet, this is your chance to grab their discography on tape in the US. Hitting at the nexus of emotional catharsis and danceable grooves, Riviera does much more than fill the gap by left bands like Baton Rouge, Tubers, and Algernon Cadwallader. Riviera's brand of post-punk combines anthemic vocals, angular guitars, and tasteful trumpet with bouncing, fist-in-the-air intensity. It's a one-way ticket to a place that, at present, feels a world away: A sweaty, crowded basement show where you just can't wipe that smile off your face.

Side A:
Contrasto (full length 2018)
Novembre 2011 (EP 2011)

Side B:
Riviera s/t (full length 2014)
Parla con gesù (EP 2012)

Released and distributed by Collettivo La Défense (ITA), NO FUNERAL RECORDS AND DISTRO (CA), LongLegsLongArms Records (JP), and Scully Records (USA)